Inclusion Australia

What is Inclusion Australia?

Inclusion Australia is the national and leading voice on issues of importance to people with intellectual disability in Australia. Formerly known as the National Council on Intellectual Disability.

What does Inclusion Australia do?

Inclusion Australia works at all levels of the community, local, state, national and beyond to raise expectations, recognise potential and value people with intellectual disability. Collectively Inclusion Australia works at a national level, providing policy expertise and advice to drive systemic change.

Inclusion Australia Logo
Inclusion Australia Logo


Why is P2P involved with Inclusion Australia?

P2P is the Queensland representative organisation for Inclusion Australia. We believe in…

How do you get in contact with them?


Address: Level 2 / 418a Elizabeth Street, Surry Hills, 2010
New South Wales, Australia

Phone: 02 9211 1611

For all inquiries, email:

Jesse Matheson – Inclusion Australia Secretariat Officer