To ensure that Parent to Parent Assoc Qld Inc (P2P) provides clear information regarding expectations on service participants and providers to give the required reasonable notice when cancelling support.

This will minimise the risk of service participants and providers incurring charges by not following the correct procedure. P2P aims to be as flexible and responsive as possible to respond to the changing needs of participants, however, we do also need to meet our obligations under the Industrial Laws and the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) in regards to rostering and paying staff appropriately.


P2P understands and respects the right of participants to cancel attendance from time to time. We understand and respect that life situations and circumstances can change at any time and without any prior notice.

P2P is legally bound and required, under Industrial Legislation and Law to pay its workers even if we are not given reasonable or prior notice of non-attendance.

NDIA Requirements

P2P is required by the NDIA to have a cancellation policy.

NDIA Policy regarding multiple cancellations – where there have been more than 8 instances of cancellation or no shows at an event in a continuous 12 month period, P2P is obliged to notify the NDIA contact person to follow up for a possible review of the participant’s NDIA Plan.

Event and Appointment Cancellations, No Shows, and Late Changes without Notice

It is the policy of P2P that where the required reasonable notice is not given, or no notice is given by a participant with regard to cancelling attendance at an event/appointment, the participant, may be charged the cost of attending the event/appointment.

Where P2P cancels or is unable to deliver an event no fee will be charged.

Cancellation of Service

To end a Service Agreement P2P or the participant are required to give each other twenty-eight (28) days’ written notice by email or post.

If the services provided to you by P2P are no longer funded in your current or future NDIS Plan/s and no agreement for Fee for Service is entered into P2P the Service Agreement becomes inactive.If P2P or you seriously breaches the Service Agreement the requirement of notice may be waived.

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