Our Mission

To deliver a quality service to people who have a disability by:

  • listening
  • respecting
  • and supporting their goals.

Our Vision

To work in partnership with people with a disability, encouraging them to celebrate their unique gifts and strengths, so that they are empowered to identify their dreams and goals and have the resources to support them to achieve these.

Our Purpose

To ensure that people with a disability and their families feel supported and that they aren’t alone.

Our Guiding Principle

People with a disability and their families are central to everything we do.

Our Edge

While we have long established connections in the community, we are independent of direct service providers.

Our primary focus is ensuring that people with a disability have supports and services that meet their needs and achieve their goals.

Our Values

Values for service delivery


We respect diversity and commit to equality and collaboration.

Our professional and confidential service creates a positive reputation with families and the wider community.


We use positive and purposeful interpersonal skills when sharing and receiving information.


We will strive to deliver a service that is of high quality and tailor it to what people required.  We will seek clarity if we are unsure.

Values for leadership and teamwork

Parent to Parent team
Parent to Parent team


We will demonstrate inspirational leadership with a focus on fostering a common vision.  We will demonstrate ethics and a belief and trust in the strength of people with a disability, whilst offering support around their vulnerabilities.


We commit to a culture of teamwork and collaboration.

Problem Solving

We will seek the best solutions when addressing problems.  We will be mindful and innovative whilst remaining aware of boundaries and guidelines.

Values for decision making

Decision Making

We will demonstrate integrity when making decisions while being mindful of the context in which they are made to avoid creating restrictions and blocks.

Managing Resources

We will show sound judgement when managing resources.  We will collaborate where appropriate with other agencies and partners in the community.

Values for strategic operation

Continuous improvement

We will strive for excellence through continuous improvement of who we are and everything that we do.

Strategic Planning

We will align our priorities, goals and outcomes with those of the people we work with.