P2P Staff
P2P Staff

Why choose P2P?

We are a parent-driven organisation that has been supporting people with a disability and their families for nearly 20 years.

The majority of our Board and many of our personnel are parents of a person with a disability, so our foundations are built on personal experience and understanding.

P2P’s values-based principles of operation are what attracts people to us, our positive reputation is what makes people come back.

Who do we provide services to?

We support people of any age with any disability.  We also support the person’s family, carers and other people in their network.

While some of the people we support just need occasional help with information or budgeting, others may require something more in-depth and individualised.  Regardless of what is required, we adapt our services to the individual – not the other way around.

We’ve been around for nearly 20 years and we’re here for the long haul.  Once someone requests and starts to receive the support we will continue to offer it for as long as it is required.

Our History

In 1998 five parents having coffee and discussing the lives of their child with a disability commented that they were feeling isolated and were struggling to find information and services on their own.  They decided it would be great to have a network of parents in Queensland that could support other parents and have input into the disability sector.  A small grant was received, a committee was formed and Parent to Parent Queensland (P2P) came into existence.

In 2006 further funding was secured that had the specific purpose of planning with older carers of a son or daughter with a disability, who wanted to put safeguards in place for when they were no longer able to provide support.

A photo of our board of management
Our board of management

A forward-thinking decision by the Board of Management to take a chance and grow the number of disability support funding packages managed from 5 to 50 provided a way forward at a time of significant change.  This fund management, under the Your Life Your Choice Host provision service offered by the Queensland Government, has now extended to over 400 and is a major part of our work.

P2P delivers a quality service that enables people with a disability to purchase the supports and services approved under their funding type while P2P manages the financial reporting and acquittal requirements.

In June 2014 a twelve-month funding grant was received to deliver NDIS readiness workshops to the Older Carer cohort that we had been working with since 2006.  Indigenous carers who are over 45 were also included and the workshops were delivered in 4 regions of Qld.  This work will continue until Queensland has fully transitioned to the NDIS.

As a registered NDIS Plan Management and Supports Co-ordination provider, we look forward to assisting people with a disability to implement and manage their plans and achieve their goals utilising the skills we have developed throughout our history.


“If you had asked me when I first left school what I thought I would be doing now I don’t know what I would have answered.  Being the CEO of a Not-for-profit in the disability sector wouldn’t have been it though I am sure.  Having said that, this is exactly what I want to be doing.”
Jodi Wolthers
Our Strategic Plan
Our Strategic Plan