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Parent to Parent has been instrumental in delivering the popular ‘Now I’m 16’ and ‘Now I’m 18’ Transition Guides to our community for several years now. In the past, the guides would grace our Parent to Parent information tables that were set up at many of the Disability Expos throughout Queensland. They were also available at many of the schools throughout the region, as well as from our website. We have updated the guides throughout the years as information, community services, and links change. We are pleased to inform you that our guides are now fully updated and ready for you to download from our website.

You may be asking yourself, what is a Transition Guide and how can it help me? Easy!!

Transition Guides are chock full of information relevant to students with a disability as well as their parents, carers, and educators. Transition guides can serve as a handy tick and flick information booklet for students and their support team. For students it may be a useful guide to finding links relevant to the transition from school to post school. Things like setting up bank accounts, finding a job or how to vote information is plentiful. For parents and carers it is a useful tool to help make the transition easier for you with links to  Disability Support Pension, QCAT regarding guardianship, links to community services, and NDIS information. For educators, there is information in the guides that help you to facilitate a smooth transition for your students and help support parents/carers.  

Beth and Matt talk about the updated transition guides (1:12)

The booklets can be downloaded from our website for FREE!  The Now I’m 16 guide can assist the students and their support team when it comes time to make a SET plan with the school (normally in year 10), and the Now I’m 18 guide comes in handy during the last year of school when students are contemplating what they will do after graduation.

We wish to thank everyone that assisted in creating the updated versions of our guides and we hope that they support all of our students, parents, carers, and staff in our communities. Let us know what you think about them!

Planning Facilitator and Community Engagement

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