The Public Guardian

The Public Guardian

Promoting and protecting people’s rights and interests

The Office of the Public Guardian is an independent statutory office (appointed under the Public Guardian Act 2014). The OPG is responsible for protecting the rights and interests of adults with impaired decision-making capacity and children and young people in care (foster care, kinship care) residential care, youth detention, mental health and correctional facilities.

In relation to our role for adults with impaired decision-making capacity, the Public Guardian can be appointed to make personal and health decisions, including legal decisions (not relating to property or finance);

o   as Guardian of last resort appointed by the Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal (QCAT);

o   as Attorney when nominated under an Enduring Power of Attorney or an Advance Health Directive;

o   as Statutory Health Attorney of last resort for health care matters (other than mental health).

More information regarding the role of the Public Guardian as it relates to adults with impaired decision-making capacity is available in the attached fact sheets, explainer video links and OPG website at

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Easy English National Standards of Public Guardianship

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