Sandy Murdoch

The TRACTION Community Program was founded by Sandy Murdoch and a fantastic team of volunteers in July 2015. Through his time in business and as a former director of Herron Pharmaceuticals, Rain Harvesting and Concept Living Properties, Sandy has developed a faith that ordinary people, working together, can achieve extraordinary things.
TRACTION empowers young people in need and helps them positively engage with their communities, discover talents and create their own future. TRACTION understands that everybody learns differently and some young people don’t realise their potential in a classroom. That’s why they provide an alternative and action-based learning environment, encouraging relationships and access to employment opportunities.
The TRACTION “Bicycle Build”, “Small Engines” and “Motorcycle” Programs provide the chance for young people to restore items donated by the community whilst being supported by mentors who provide support and positive role modelling.
TRACTION is a vehicle for people to make a difference and is building a vibrant community of volunteers, program partners and sponsors around its participants who are experiencing a sense of contribution and belonging.
TRACTION operates three workshops in Brisbane, at Capalaba, Moorooka and West End. The program is also being delivered in the Logan community in partnership with the YMCA Vocational School and your town, in what is intended as the first of a number of exciting partnership with other community groups.

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