One Year At Woombye!!!

Yesterday marked one year in our Woombye office!!!

As a result, our 07 5442 7072 number was disconnected as some of you may found out if you tried ringing us today or yesterday, we have a new Woombye office number which is 07 5442 1088. Sorry for the inconvenience if you couldn’t reach us!

I am pleased to say we are well settled and glad we made the move.

Little did we know though that we would experience so much growth this year and that we would be searching for ways to create more space for the extra people we have taken on to manage the growth.

Our growth is thanks to all of our new Your Life Your Choice families that have joined us as well as the NDIS Plan Management and/or Support Coordination work that we are pleased to be doing for people who have transitioned to the National Disability Insurance Scheme.

Having people come to visit us is one of the things we like best about our new office location and we welcome anyone in the area who hasn’t yet done so to call in and say hello.

We are at 5 Blackall Street, Woombye QLD 4559 (next to the Woombye Pub)

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