Using Signs

The first Makaton sign I taught my child saved our family.

Being non-verbal and immobile in the early years of my child’s life was a frustrating and immensely challenging time, to say the least. I was hit, punched, scratched and had my hair yanked.

He squiggled and squirmed. He cried. He broke my heart.

Down, that was the first and only sign I showed him. I taught him this sign because I had to hold and carry him everywhere. It was like a gate had been opened and he could communicate at last!

We laughed. We cried. We mended our hearts.

Makaton sign language works to assist communication by using symbols and signs and can be modified to suit the individual. Usually, once speech begins to develop the use of signing reduces. It does not replace speech. It is assistive.

After learning many more signs over the years and with his speech developing, most of the signs have been dropped. Some have stayed and are used every day.

The frustration has eased. Life is great!


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