This is an interesting article posted on 17 January 2017 on the Australian Network on Disability website, link  http://www.and.org.au/news.php/235/uberassist-boosts-disability-confidence

“…Inclusion is more than just providing accessible options for those who need it. It’s about giving all people the choice, flexibility, and freedom to move through life, barrier-free, in a seamless, efficient way.

In 2015, Uber Australia officially launched uberASSIST, a service that provides people with disability and older Australians with a safe, reliable and accessible transportation option. In order to ensure that their new service was rolled out effectively, Uber approached the Australian Network on Disability (AND) to develop their driver-partner training.

The driver training was rolled out in December 2016, and involves a series of online learning modules and educational videos that focus on accommodating mobility aids and service animals, disability etiquette, communicating effectively, and using inclusive language…”

uberASSIST is designed to provide additional assistance for members of the community with different accessibility needs.  UberASSIST,  can accommodate folding wheelchairs, walkers, and collapsible scooters. Note: uberASSIST vehicles do not have accessible ramps or lifts.

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