NDIS roll out dates

The NDIS has moved forward some areas!

The NDIA expects all eligible people in Ipswich will have entered the scheme by the end of 2017. They are also bringing forward the start date for existing state clients in Bundaberg to September rather than October 2017, and in Rockhampton, it will come forward to November 2017 rather than January next year. Other eligible people in both Bundaberg and Rockhampton will have entered the scheme by June 2018.

This will affect how we will administer the Your Life Your Choice funding. If you live in the regions where the NDIS is about to roll out, we have made some minor changes in how we administer the funding to ensure a smooth transition for you.

As you are aware, Your Life Your Choice funding is paid quarterly, however, we need to shift to monthly payments as the NDIS rollout begins in each new area to ensure we minimise the chance of overpayments during the changeover. If you need more information or further assistance please call our office or your coordinator – we are happy to assist you in the changeover.

Below is the full media release explaining this in more detail:


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