Kathryn Lyons is a woman who is determined to make a difference.   Her experiences of being out in the community in a wheelchair identified many design faults with accessibility.  This included the realisation that ‘accessible toilets’ don’t live up to their name.

Kathryn and her mum Vicki decided to create a not for profit, named Accessibili-t, with a mission to enable real inclusion, better equality and employment opportunities through improving access and facilities for all people.

They looked at travel and accommodation issues experience when using trains, planes and staying in hotels and began to consider possible solutions.

They have shown the government that the current Australian Standards are out of date and now lag behind what is required to be safe, hygienic and respectful and plan to work with government and universities to change this for people with a disability.

Kathryn and Vicki have a motto – ‘amazing things are going to happen’.

To find out more or get in touch with Kathryn, visit her website

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