What is the Social Enterprise Action Forum?

P2P held it’s inaugural Social Enterprise Action Forum at the Innovation Centre, University of the Sunshine Coast.  The purpose of the event was to explore the creation of businesses with a social and environmental conscience on the Sunshine Coast as a means of employment for people with a disability and others from marginalised groups.

When was the Forum?

The event was held on the 13th September 2017 with a follow-up event planned for early 2018.

How can you get involved?

If you are passionate about social enterprise and have either ideas about an enterprise you would like to start or skills to share with others wanting to do so please contact us on 1800 777 723 or email us at info@p2pqld.org.au


Audience at the Social Enterprise Action Forum Wednesday 13th Sepetember 2917



 Terrific day! Congrats to you all!!
Sunshine Coast Council


“Great day and I was so inspired by Will who runs the social enterprise Coffee I Will”