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Junior P.A.T.H

What is a Junior P.A.T.H?

  • It has been developed by Parent to Parent Toowoomba Facilitator Steven Paull
  • It incorporates Person Centred Planning and a simple to use path template with lots of pictures and images.
  • It is specifically for students in grade 10 to assist them to clarify their dreams and goals
  • It also assists teachers in working with students to develop their Senior Education and Training (SET) Plans.

This is an especially effective tool in planning transitions and regular review processes for young people with additional support needs.

Examples of Junior P.A.T.Hs
Examples of Junior P.A.T.Hs

What students say about the Junior P.A.T.H

In the pilot project at the Warwick State High School a number of grade 10 students participated in these ‘Junior P.A.T.Hs’.

The results were plain to see on the faces of the students with comments such as “It helps me with my dreams” and “I enjoyed thinking about my future”.

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