P2P develop P.A.T.H plans for people who want to set goals and identify steps to reach those goals.

P.A.T.H training is for those people who want to become facilitators and help others develop P.A.T.Hs.

What is included in the P.A.T.H training workshops?

Our two-day P.A.T.H Training comprises of a two-day workshop with morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea included. The workshop runs from 9:30 AM to 4:00 PM on both days. All workbooks and tools needed during the workshop are provided by our facilitators.  This is not an accredited course however, you will receive a Certificate of Completion at the end of day two.

P.A.T.H stands for Planning Alternative Tomorrows with Hope. 

  • It is a globally recognised visual person-centred planning and goal setting tool. 
  • It was developed by Marsh Forrest, Jack Pearpoint and John O’Brien.
  • It uses graphics to map out a vision of a desirable future for an individual or a group of people.
  • It helps participants and their supporters focus on their dreams and goals.


 This training was invaluable and I feel has really equipped me to better work with our families. Steven allowed time for processing and questions.
P.A.T.H Training Participant

What will you learn from attending this training?

  • An understanding of the basic process of P.A.T.H.
  • To understand the different roles within each process and have the opportunity to experience the different roles for yourself.
  • Confidence in using graphics, through learning simple tools and practising in a safe environment.
  • Thinking in different ways about recording information and problem-solving.
  • The ability to co-facilitate a P.A.T.H.
Liz drawing a P.A.T.H
Liz drawing a P.A.T.H

How much do the workshops cost and how do I register?

Workshops are $375 pp inc GST.  We run in groups of 10 and can base ourselves at a location convenient to you.  If you don’t have a group to attend, you can submit an expression of interest and we will be in touch for our next available workshop in your area.


Such a wonderful workshop, I gained a lot of insight into the process and will be implementing most, if not all aspects of it as I work with the service users in our service.
P.A.T.H Training Participant

Who should attend our P.A.T.H Training?

  • People that support someone living with a disability.
  • Family members.
  • Community workers.
  • Health professionals.
  • Teachers.


Words can not describe how appreciative I am to of had the opportunity to attend the workshop as well as be involved in learning about the process of the P.A.T.H with such admirable and positive people. I honestly wish the workshop went longer – not because I thought more could be covered, but because I thoroughly enjoyed the atmosphere, the information I learnt and how it made me feel.
P.A.T.H Training Participant