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A new way forward

This NDIS is designed to provide those in our community with significant and permanent disability and their families and carers with more choice and control about how support and assistance is delivered to prepare the way for better lives.

The scheme will roll out progressively across Queensland. You may like to check when your region will commence by contacting Parent to Parent or visiting the NDIS website.

Parent to Parent

The changes that are taking place are significant, however, Parent to Parent is well positioned to enable you to access the right support to ensure the goals identified in your plan are realised.

We are currently hosting NDIS Readiness Workshops – please visit our events page to see when the next workshop is being held near you. If you prefer to work one on one, we are available for individual pre-planning assistance.

If you are already registered for the NDIS, we provide Plan Management to support your financial responsibilities under the scheme and use our extensive networks and expertise to assist you with Support Coordination. If you have chosen to self-direct, you may still be able to access these services as you learn the ropes.

Our Team are highly experienced in Planning and working with people with diverse abilities. Contact us today on 1800 777 723 or via our contact form below.

Your Plan Manager

Our role is to support you in managing the financial management of your plan. We have been providing plan management support for 5 years under Your Life Your Choice and are now registered Plan Managers under the NDIS.

We will process claims through the NDIS and pay your invoices. We will organise paperwork and provide you with access to up to date expenditure reports to check at any time.

We will send you a statement at the end of each month and assist you in mapping out how you will use your budget during the course of the year. You can rely on our team’s experience in managing support budgets.

We are an independent organisation providing only Plan Management support and Support Coordination.

By using us as Plan Managers you can access supports from any providers, even if they are not registered with the NDIS.

Your Support Coordinator

Our Support Coordinators connect you with your local community, the material supports and the services needed to bring your Plan to life. Our role is to empower you and those around you by working with you as an individual so that your unique goals can be realised by accessing the best supports and services available in your region.

We work with people of all ages and diverse abilities so have a strong understanding of the different ways in which our community choose to access community, meet employment goals and live where and with whom they choose.

Things you should have ready for your NDIS planning conversation

  1. Your personal details
  2. Your community and mainstream supports
  3. How you manage everyday activities
  4. Your safety
  5. Setting your goals
  6. Who will manage your plan?

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